2013 Colossal 19 Axle Line Platform Trailer - $945,000.00

2013 Colossal 19 Axle Line Platform Trailer - $945,000.00
2013 Colossal 19 Axle Line Platform Trailer
(2) x 6 Line Modules
(1) x 5 Line Module
(1) x 2 Line Module
Combined Hauling Capacity w/ GN of 460 Metric Tons
7.50R15 16 Ply Tires on 6.00-15in 10 Hole Steel Rims
Platform Width of 1,175mm Designed for 26 Degree App. or Dep.
Hydraulic Suspension Plus Hydraulic Trail Steering
Maximum Steering Angle of 55 Degrees, Hydraulic Gooseneck

Additional Equipment Available at Extra Cost:
Power Pack, Tow Bar, Spare Tires, Spare Rims, Spare Steering Cylinder, Slew Bearing, Axle, Double Brake Chamber, Suspension Arm, Lifting Cylinder, Tools for Axles & Tires, Engine Repair etc.

Located in Houston, Texas @ $855,000.00
Kenworth Prime Mover Available @ Additional $945,000.00
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World-Wide Delivery Available
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